Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 7 : 30 Day Tahitian Dance Challenge

Last day of the week! I am finishing off with some posture correcting workouts, a mini exercise I can do everyday, and also some arm movements to practice dancing!

I have horrible posture... so depending on your situation, you may want to skip this, or only do one of the below. This exercise is a very fast and easy one to do anywhere just as long as there's a wall. I can definitely implement this into my dance challenge and do it everyday, all it takes is a couple of minutes.

I'm not sure how much often I'd do these below to be honest, it takes about 20 minutes at a time... but since today is dedicated to posture, at least for today this was a great work out.

Now for the dancing part,

Here's the other video I posted previously, click here and it will show you the arm movement and posture segment,  

or watch it below and fast forward to 4:06

This wraps it up! A week gone, and now I can start the actual hard core Tahitian dance drills and get into good stuff!

Happy Friday to everyone!

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